How Veneers Can Be Helpful For Seniors

Posted on: 19 October 2015

Over the course of your lifetime, your teeth go through a lot. If you are a senior citizen, there is a good chance that some of your teeth have seen better days. If your teeth do not look like you wish they did, you should consider getting veneers. Here are a few of the benefits that come with getting veneers:

Veneers Can Cover Up Discolored Teeth

Over the course of a lifetime, it is natural that your teeth would lose some of their shine and luster. Habits such as smoking and drinking coffee on a daily basis can stain your teeth, even if you quit years ago. Seemingly innocent habits, such as drinking tea, red wine, soda and orange juice can also cause your teeth to become discolored. Even foods such as beets, curry and berries can lead to discoloration.

It can be difficult to whiten your teeth when you have been consuming these foods for decades. That is where veneers come in. Veneers can be placed on top of your teeth, and can hide that discoloration.

However, if you want your veneers to really shine, you'll need to make sure you've ditched those food habits or brush your teeth and new veneers within an hour of eating or drinking the foods discussed above.

Veneers Can Cover Up Chipped Or Worn Down Teeth

If you have been using your teeth for more than six decades, there is a good chance that over time, they have become chipped or worn down. It is natural for your teeth to wear down from normal use over the course of decades. However, worn down teeth do not give the same look as full formed teeth.

Veneers are a great way to hide the age of your teeth and all they have been through. When you get veneers, they can be formed so that they cover up your teeth and extend them to their original length.

Veneers Can Cover Up Crooked Teeth

Nowadays, it is common for insurance plans to at least cover braces or for orthodontists to offer affordable payment plans for kids who need braces. However, back when you were growing up, braces were extremely expensive and not something that everyone could afford.

If you have lived your entire adult life with crooked teeth, you don't have to spend your retirement years with crooked teeth as well. Veneers can be used to cover up crooked teeth, and give you that straight smile you have always dreamed of.

Just because you are now a senior citizen does not mean you shouldn't enjoy a bright, beautiful smile. Veneers can hide discoloration, chipped, worn down and crooked teeth. Talk to your dentist today about getting veneers and improving your smile for your golden years.

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