• Six Foods Your Teeth Wish You Would Avoid

    No matter how well you try to take care of your teeth, if you routinely eat certain foods, you could be damaging your teeth. Here are six foods that may still cause harm even with regular brushing and flossing. Ice Chewing ice is an unbelievably popular habit that can be incredibly destructive. Ice may be nothing more than frozen water, but the human teeth are not made for chomping on substances that are this hard.
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  • Orthodontic Options For Adults

    If you have crooked teeth, various teeth-straightening options may work to correct your dental misalignment. Here are a few common orthodontic options for adults. Ceramic Braces Many adults are hesitant to have traditional metal braces applied to their teeth. Traditional braces have brackets that are made of metal, allowing them to stand out against the white color of the teeth.  Still, braces can effectively correct the most severe dental misalignments. Thus, for some adults, braces may be recommended.
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