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Dealing With A Dental Emergency While On Vacation

Going on vacation gives you a chance to rest and relax, all while escaping the stress of your everyday life. Unfortunately, your body might not always get the memo that it’s vacation time, and emergencies can arise. If you find yourself in need of dental help while on vacation, here are two things you can […]

What You Need To Know About Getting An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removed

 While an impacted wisdom tooth may cause no discomfort to some people, generally you will notice the following symptoms with an impacted wisdom tooth: Swelling Tenderness Pain Prolonged jaw ache or headache Bad taste and bad breath in mouth Unfortunately, an impacted wisdom tooth is often more difficult to deal with, as the tooth by […]

How to Whiten Your Teeth

Yellow teeth are unattractive and can effect your overall mood or appearance. You smile less when you have yellow teeth and smiling has a direct impact on mood and general well being. A whiter smile will help improve self-esteem and increase your happiness. Here is a simple list of ways that you can whiten your […]

3 Common Invisalign Struggles And How To Fix Them

It sounds like a dream come true: correcting your bite and straightening your teeth without that metal mouth look you get from braces. Invisalign promises you just that, doing the job of traditional braces but using clear appliances that are much more difficult to see at a casual glance. While Invisalign does offer a more aesthetic option, there […]