Don't DIY Your Braces

Posted on: 23 November 2015

There is no doubt that orthodontia requires time, pain, and expense. Some people wear braces for up to five years, and although the price is decreasing, insurance rarely covers most of the cost associated with the equipment. In many circles, orthodontia is still considered a luxury. Unfortunately, this has sparked a dangerous new trend in which some young teens have decided to turn to DIY options. Online videos show teens how to create their own braces -- but it comes at a cost.

The biggest problem here is that DIY braces are dangerous. The Youtube videos praising these braces show teens putting small elastics meant for hair around teeth. Even though some of the people in the videos admit that the process is painful, it is actually so much more. Doing this is actually bad for your teeth. In fact, you might find yourself missing teeth or facing severe consequences from infection if you choose to follow through with the process.

The Damage of DIY Braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, building your own braces causes more harm than not having any braces on your teeth at all. Using hair elastics to alter the placement of your teeth can damage your teeth, from roots to bones. This is especially the case when rubber bands cut off the supply of blood to your gums. You may find yourself without teeth in some positions, causing other teeth to shift to fill in the gap. As a result, you could have a more crooked smile than you started out with.

Did you know that you can suffer severe infection from DIY braces? You may also face tooth loss, which can result in expensive replacement costs required for years to come. This happens when the elastic slips up to the gums, cutting off the supply of blood to the area and likely causing infection.

What Should You Do?

Whatever you do, do  not try to make your own braces. The way braces are administered at the orthodontist's office is very controlled, and evidence suggests that professional braces are by far the best bet. Slow manipulation of the teeth is essential to a healthy smile. If you cannot afford orthodontia, you are better off with crooked teeth than with DIY braces. The pressure for the "perfect" teeth just isn't worth the damage. Braces should be left to the professionals, such as Accent On Dentistry - Rowena R Martir DMD.