2 Easy Ways To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Posted on: 16 July 2016

If you wait until your teeth are hurting to see a dentist, then you are waiting too long. Once you have a toothache or start to see damage to your teeth, there is going to be a lot more damage that you can't see. Not only are you going to end up having problems with cavities, you may also have to have root canals because you have infections under the gums or even have to have teeth pulled. What you need to do is get ahead of the problem. You want to start seeing a dentist as soon as possible and make sure that you are doing everything you should do to help prevent problems. There are very easy things you can do to help your mouth stay as healthy as possible. 


Flossing is something that some people skip. They figure that as long as they are brushing their teeth well, they don't need to floss. However, that's not true. Even the best toothbrush and most careful brusher are going to miss stuff. That's because food and bacteria get down in between your teeth and down at the gum line. If that bacteria stays, it can start cavities and gingivitis. So, flossing is really important. There are different kinds of floss that you can choose. You can get the traditional floss, which is like thread. It comes in waxed and unwaxed. The waxed may work in that space easier. You can also choose flat floss, which is more like a ribbon, which will also come in waxed and unwaxed. Another option is to use a floss pick. It's a plastic pick that already has floss spread in between a fork at one end. Some people like to use the floss picks because they feel like it gives them more control. 


Most people don't realize that they aren't brushing their teeth long enough. You need to brush your teeth for two minutes. That is the optimal time for good oral health. You don't necessarily have to have a timer in your bathroom to make sure that you are brushing long enough. There is an easier trick to it. Sing the Happy Birthday song in your head. That lasts about 2 minutes, which will mean that you are brushing long enough. 

Preventing problems with your mouth is important. Spending a few minutes on your teeth every day can help to keep any problems later on. Look for preventative dentistry in your area for more help.