4 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Dental technology is continually advancing, and there are more and more procedures being developed to make life easier for patients. One of those technologies are same-day crowns, which are made in-office using a computerized machine. There are many benefits to choosing same-day crowns, such as the following.

Instant Results

In this day and age, many people are used to instant gratification. When you see a dentist who offers same-day crowns, you can count on your cracked, broken, or damaged tooth to be repaired and covered with a permanent crown right away. This allows you to get your teeth and smile repaired quickly.

Fewer Office Appointments

Traditional crowns require several visits to a dentist's office—typically a temporary crown will be placed for several weeks and then a person will have to return to the office at least one more time to have the permanent crown put in. Taking time off of work or school for dental appointments can be frustrating and difficult to do, but with same-day crowns the whole procedure can be done in just one visit, and you won't have to see your dentist again until its time for your regular dental exam and teeth cleaning.

Custom Design for Proper Fit 

Most computerized machines that create same-day crowns do not rely on mouth impressions to make a dental crown. Instead, a sophisticated camera that is hooked up to the machine is used to make a digital map of the mouth and teeth. This digital map is then analyzed by the computer, and a custom dental crown that is designed to fit perfectly is created. The extremely customized nature of same-day dental crowns helps ensure a proper fit and reduces the chance of discomfort caused by a crown that is a little bit off in size or shape.

Completely Natural Look

Same-day dental crowns are made to look exactly like natural teeth, and they are made of compounds that are safe to be in the mouth. The dental crowns can be made in a variety of different shades, so you can work with your dentist to ensure that the crown matches the color of the other teeth in your mouth. After the same-day dental crown is placed, it will be smoothed and polished so it feels just like a natural tooth. 

Same-day dental crowns are made to be very durable and resistant to cracking. You should not have any difficulty chewing or eating food when you have a same-day dental crown. 

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