Three Simple Questions And Answers For Patients Considering Undergoing Dental Bonding

Posted on: 27 February 2017

Cosmetic dental procedures can be essential for restoring a smile that has suffered damage or developmental problems. While cosmetic dentistry is safe and routine, patients will often be unaware of the procedures that can be utilizeed to correct the problems with their smiles. This can be particularly true when it comes to dental bonding.

Will Any Patient Benefit From Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding can be an excellent procedure when a patient is suffering structural damage to their teeth. This is due to the fact that the bonding procedure will gradually rebuild the damaged portions of the tooth. As a result, this procedure can be ideal for individuals that have misshapen teeth.

However, it should be noted that this procedure may not always be a suitable treatment. When the structural damage to the tooth has severely weakened it, bonding may be insufficient to prevent further damage from occurring. In these instances, having a crown placed over the compromised tooth will likely yield the best results.

How Painful Will A Dental Bonding Treatment Be?

Patients will often avoid undergoing a bonding procedure due to concerns about this treatment being painful. However, it should be noted that this procedure will not cause significant pain to healthy teeth. While some minor discomfort should be expected, this will quickly pass and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. For patients that have particularly sensitive teeth, the dentist may apply a powerful local anesthetic, which will eliminate any sensations from the teeth.

Is Dental Bonding A Reversible Procedure?

For those that are considering undergoing a dental bonding procedure, it needs to be noted that this procedure is not typically reversible. This stems from the need to remove some of the enamel on the teeth to allow enough roof for the bonding resin. If you were to ever need to have the bonding removed, you would likely want to have veneers installed to protect your teeth and ensure they are as attractive as possible to anyone looking at your smile.

If you suffer from damaged or otherwise misformed teeth, bonding procedures can be a great way of restoring the appearance of your teeth. By understanding the types of problems that can be corrected with these treatments, that any pain will be minimal and the reality that dental bondings are permanent, it will be much easier for you to understand how to use these treatments to improve your confidence when it concerns the quality of your smile. For more information, contact a business such as Kemper Pond Dental.