Dental Issues Can Lead To Other Issues

Posted on: 4 June 2018

It is very important for you to make sure you do what you can to prevent gum disease in your mouth. Your first and most obvious reason for wanting to do all you can to avoid gum disease will be to protect the integrity of your teeth. However, there are many other things that can go wrong when you have gum disease. Learning about these possible issues will be a real eye opener that will more than likely have you making it a point to take your dental care more serious from this point forward. Here are some of the other issues that you can end up dealing with if you allow yourself to get gum disease:

Stomach issues – When you have gum disease, you will be constantly swallowing nasty bacteria that will go down into your stomach and this can cause upset stomach that leaves you sick. Also, the nasty taste you will have in your mouth can give you a nauseous feeling.

Diabetic issues – Someone who already has diabetes needs to be even more careful with their overall health. Along with making sure you treat your feet like gold to avoid foot and leg issues which can even lead to amputation, you also have to be careful with your other end and keep your mouth healthy. If you have diabetes, then also having gum disease can lead to your immune system becoming even more compromised, which can lead to a wide variety of illnesses and other health concerns.

Circulatory issues – Your gums have a lot of blood vessels in them and this means having gum disease can put you at a higher risk of dealing with circulatory problems. This can happen when the bacteria make its way right from your gums into your bloodstream. The bacteria can cause the plaque in your arteries to colonize and this can lead to a higher risk of having a stroke, as well as issues like atherosclerosis.

Respiratory issues – Having bacteria in your mouth from gum disease can also put you at an increased risk of respiratory issues. This can happen when you breath some of that bacteria down into your lungs where it can increase your chances of developing issues like pneumonia.

Pregnancy concerns – Pregnancy is a time when one has to be extremely careful with their health for double the reasons they normally would; they are now needing to keep two bodies healthy and one of them is in the process of developing and in a fragile state. Gum disease can increase the risk of developing different types of illnesses in an already stressed out and overloaded environment.

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