Why You Should Choose A Family Dentistry Office

Posted on: 20 June 2018

If you are looking for a new dental office for your oral health needs, you should consider a family dentistry office. Going to a family-focused office is especially great if you have lots of young kids. Here are just a few benefits that these kinds of offices offer:

You Only Need One Dental Policy

Dental policies are often not included with health insurance. If you want to get coverage for your whole family, you could very well need to buy multiple policies since some general dentistry offices do not accept young kids. Instead of splitting policies between a pediatric office and a general dentistry office, you can get one policy at a family-friendly office. One policy means that you will save money on preventative services—like dental prophylaxis, fillings, x-rays, etc.

You Can Save Time

Since family offices treat members of the entire family, they are often willing to set aside larger blocks of time to fit the whole family in one go. This can be a great benefit for stay-at-home moms or dads who have many schedules to juggle.

You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Pediatric Specialists

Because family offices cater to all sorts of age groups, many offices have pediatric specialists on staff. A pediatric dentist knows how to handle children and has kid-friendly equipment. For instance, many children have a hard time keeping their mouths open, so a pediatric specialist may use a bite block—a tool that they can rest their teeth on.

Many newer offices are also installing ceiling TVs and TV googles that dim everything but the entertainment. These perks are great for parents and dentists who are worried about fidgety children.

You Can Opt for Sedation Dentistry

Do you have a child with special needs? Some children with disabilities have an incredibly difficult time staying still in the dental chair. This movement can be dangerous for both the patient and dentist. To combat any issues, many family offices offer light sedation that is safe for younger children.

Instead of using an IV, many offices will use oral pills—taken about half an hour before the appointment—to relax the child.

If you yourself have dental anxiety, deeper sedation can be used for adults as well.

You Can Be Flexible

Dentists at family offices realize that one parent may work odd hours and not be able to get in to an office during standard 9 to 5 hours. In order to benefit the whole family, family dentistry offices often schedule a few days where they offer evening hours. These offices often have emergency hours as well for parents and children who need dental assistance after an accident, like a sports injury.