What To Know About Different Materials For Filling Cavities

Posted on: 10 November 2018

Did your dentist find a cavity in a tooth that needs a filling? It's likely that you'll want to know which filling material is best for you. There are currently several options available to you, which is why the following info can help you make an informed choice.

Composite Material

If your goal is to select a filling material that will blend in seamlessly with your tooth, a composite material will be the best choice. It is especially helpful if you have a cavity on a visible front surface of your tooth, or in a rear molar that is visible to others. The composite material is typically made out of resin but can also be constructed with glass or quartz material.

You'll find that this material is often recommended due to it having a natural look to it. It will prevent others from noticing that you have a cavity in a tooth, which makes your smile look nice to others. However, composite material is known to be weaker than other materials, which may lead to the filling breaking down over the years.

Silver Material

When your goal is to save some money on your dental filling, silver is the most affordable option that is offered to you. Silver has the strength to make it a durable material, which is due to it combining copper, tin, and silver materials.

Many people don't like silver fillings because of how they look, but generally feel that it's not a problem unless you have a visible cavity in a front tooth.

Gold Material

The main benefit of using a gold filling material is that it is the strongest of all the materials available. The metal won't corrode in the tooth, even after years of wear and tear from eating and drinking. Some people even like the look of a gold filling, especially compared to silver material. However, prepare to spend more on a gold filling than if it were made of silver.

Ceramic Material

Ceramic material can blend in with a tooth and will be much stronger than composite filling material. However, the price is similar to what a gold filling will cost you. If you can afford a ceramic filling, it can give you all the advantages in the looks and performance department.

Not sure on the filling material that works best for your cavity? Look at this website for more information! You can also discuss your options with your dentist, and see what they recommend for the tooth you have a cavity in.