Orthodontic Options For Adults

Posted on: 16 January 2019

If you have crooked teeth, various teeth-straightening options may work to correct your dental misalignment. Here are a few common orthodontic options for adults.

Ceramic Braces

Many adults are hesitant to have traditional metal braces applied to their teeth. Traditional braces have brackets that are made of metal, allowing them to stand out against the white color of the teeth. 

Still, braces can effectively correct the most severe dental misalignments. Thus, for some adults, braces may be recommended.

Nevertheless, conventional braces are now available with ceramic brackets. The color of the ceramic blends well with the natural hues of the tooth enamel and the ceramic braces still provide the alignment pressure needed to straighten the teeth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also preferred by adults. Although these braces possess metal components, they are applied to the lingual side of the teeth, which lies adjacent to the tongue. Thus, the braces can be worn discretely without marring the look of your smile.

Since the brackets of the lingual braces are not positioned on the front surface of the teeth, just under the lips, the braces are less likely to injure the soft oral tissues if a blow to the mouth occurs. Also, the brackets do not interfere with the movement of the lips, making it easy for musicians with misaligned teeth to continue enjoying wind instruments throughout their treatment process. 

The teeth-straightening power of lingual braces is just as effective as that of conventional braces. As a result, they are suitable for people with various alignment issues.

Clear Aligning Trays

Clear plastic aligners have become quite popular. The aligners are removable plastic trays that are custom-made to fit over the teeth. The trays, which are practically invisible when in place, apply pressure to move the teeth into their desired configuration.

As you are treated with clear aligners, you are given multiple sets of aligning trays. The sets are used in a specific order to progressively straighten the teeth. Each set is worn for a couple of weeks before you switch to the next prescribed set.

Clear aligners are typically used by adults and teens since the growth of the palates must be complete before starting the treatment. Also, they are most effective for people who are disciplined enough to leave the trays out of the mouth for no more than a couple of hours daily. 

To determine the best orthodontic options for your needs, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your local area.