Whitening Teeth: Effective Techniques

Posted on: 18 March 2019

Looking at yourself in photos or in the mirror each day, you may notice your teeth are somewhat yellow or otherwise dull instead of white and brilliant. If you floss and brush regularly, this may frustrate you. You might feel serious about attempting different techniques which will brighten tooth surfaces. What efforts can improve and encourage tooth whitening?

Using Baking Soda

Many toothpastes now include sodium bicarbonate--best known as regular baking soda. This compound is abrasive and can scrub stains on teeth, making them brighter. However, you shouldn't attempt this method more than a few days each week because baking soda could affect tooth enamel. It's best used periodically to eliminate stains.

Try Oil Pulling

Indian folk remedies like oil pulling continue to interest all kinds of people because of the results that they provide. Oil pulling is a simple process which involves swishing around sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil in the mouth. Coconut is by far the most used oil. Fans of this method report not only whiter teeth, but pinker gums, less sensitivity and more benefits. 

After swishing, the oil isn't swallowed and should be spit into tissue and disposed of with the rest of your bathroom trash.

Abstaining from Coffee

A daily coffee habit is enjoyed by millions of people. Wanting whiter teeth could interfere with the desire to start your day with coffee. If whiter teeth are a priority, you might need to lower your coffee intake. The same goes for other staining beverages such as tea; the more you can stop consuming these drinks, the better your teeth can be.

Avoiding Sugar

Whenever you eat foods that are sugary or have high sugar content, you're inadvertently feeding the kind of bacteria which leads to more tooth plaque. Plaque not only coats the teeth but cn lead to cavities. This is, of course, not the best way to brighten teeth. By lowering sugar in your daily diet, less plaque should develop.

Using Straws

Often, people can't kick their caffeine habit or still want to enjoy different sugary or staining beverages. Luckily, drinking straws allow fluids to pass into your mouth and belly without touching teeth. Straws block most interaction between teeth and liquids, so using them regularly should help encourage teeth whiteness. If you dislike disposable straws, you might want to purchase a new, recyclable straw made from steel or other materials.

Cosmetic dentistry can also give you whiter teeth to smile about. Consult dentists in this field to see how office treatment and other measures can brighten teeth on a regular basis.