3 Ways Your Dentist Makes Teeth Whitening Easier

Posted on: 14 April 2019

These days, whitening products are available just about anywhere, including grocery stores and online boutiques promising fast results. However, DIY whitening can be dangerous for your smile, while also creating the need to handle your own dental care at home. Here are three ways your dentist can make teeth whitening easier by offering in-office treatments.  

1.  Using Better Products

Although there are ADA-approved teeth whitening kits available for DIY use, many of these products use low levels of carbamide peroxide, making whitening take longer. On the other hand, dentists can prescribe whitening gel concentrations as high as 38% for in-office or in-home tray use, making it easier for patients to enjoy results faster. 

Additionally, dentists only use products known to be safe for the teeth, while this precedent isn't set in the open market. When you purchase over-the-counter whitening agents, there is a chance the formulations aren't safe for dental enamel or could cause other complications. 

In addition to protecting your teeth, working with your dentist also helps you to enjoy a stress-free whitening experience since you can rely on your professional to keep you safe during your visit. 

2.  Protecting Your Soft Tissues

Some whitening agents can be hard on the delicate soft tissues in your mouth, irritating gums, the inner sides of your cheeks, or your palate. However, dentists can apply gels carefully directly onto the teeth that need whitening, helping to protect the health of your mouth. 

In some instances, dentists may even create personalized teeth whitening trays for your smile, helping to physically protect your oral tissues. These customized trays are designed to cover the visible crowns of your teeth, keeping the gel in place while also shielding other areas. 

3.  Recommending Better Aftercare

After your whitening treatment, dentists won't leave you wondering what to do next to protect your results. In addition to talking with you about how to look after your freshly whitened teeth, dentists can also explain which aftercare methods you should use to prevent pain and discomfort from sensitivity. 

Dentists may also prescribe special treatments, such as fluoride varnishes and anti-sensitivity toothpaste, making it easier to enjoy a comfortable smile. 

If you are considering teeth whitening, make your dental office your very first stop. While there are many whitening products available on the market, you won't regret getting the advice of a professional first, since other dental issues can complicate whitening. For more information, contact a teeth whitening service such as Pinon Hills Dental.