Dealing With Discolored Teeth: 3 Ways To Improve Your Smile

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Discolored teeth can be a something that causes anxiety and even depression. If your teeth are stained and discolored, you probably feel incredibly self-conscious about smiling around other people, and certainly don't want to for photos. This can result in avoiding parties and other social settings. However, there are easy fixes for this. They include lifestyle changes that will help prevent your teeth from being discolored, as well as treatments that you can get from your dentist.

Step One: Cut Out Coffee and Cola's (or change up your drinking style)

Coffee, tea, and soda are all things that will discolor your teeth. If you want your teeth to stay bright and shiny white, then you need to limit your intake of beverages that stain your teeth. Coffee is one of the most notorious offenders, as is soda. So, you should either eliminate these drinks from your diet or else change the way in which you drink them. What you can do, if you really can't live without coffee or soda, is to drink it with a straw. While most people are familiar with drinking soda with straws, they might not be as familiar with drinking hot beverages with straws. There are, however, straws that are designed to handle hot beverages. You might want to choose a natural bamboo straw or even one made of silicone. These are washable. The only ones you would want to avoid are the metal straws as they can get very hot when used with a hot beverage.

Step Two: Visit A Dentist For Teeth Whitening Services

Just stopping consumption of coffee and soft drinks won't be enough to remove the stains on your teeth. Ceasing drinking these beverages will help to prevent further stains, but it won't remove those stains. In order to have those stains removed, you will need to see a dentist. Only a professional who has the right tools will be able to remove those stains. A dentist can use a gel and special bleaching light to remove the stains that have accumulated on your teeth over the years. Then, after you have had your teeth cleaned, you can maintain the bright and shiny appearance by refraining from drinking staining drinks.

Step Three: Avoid Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

What you should do is avoid any of those commercial toothpastes that advertise that they whiten teeth. First, they are not as effective as a good dentist. Second, many of them contain harsh abrasives that can actually destroy the enamel on your teeth. So, it's best advised to visit a dentist.

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