Key Signs That Your Child May Have A Problem With Their Vision

Posted on: 12 June 2019

As an adult, it's probably very common for you to see the eye doctor on at least an annual basis. You want to make sure there are no issues with your eyes because you need them to drive, perform your job, and handle tasks around the house. However, although you may take your child to see a family physician, you might not be as serious about making sure they see an eye doctor. Small children could have eye problems but be totally unaware because that's just how they are used to seeing the world. If your little one manifests any of the following symptoms it's time to get them to a pediatric eye care center immediately.

Your Child Frequently Goes Cross-Eyed

Some people think it's awfully cute when their child approaches them with cross-eyes. Perhaps the adult thinks the child is playing around and having a good time. The reality is that your child could be doing this because they can't focus. The term, "Eagle Eye" carries a lot of weight. It takes a laser-focus to hone in on what you want to look at. Because you've probably never had a problem with this particular issue, you may not understand that this is a serious problem that needs to be corrected.

Getting glasses for your child could help to correct their vision. An optometrist can administer a full eye examination to determine which kinds of lenses and optical medication will help your child focus easier so they aren't forced to enter school without this ability. You wouldn't want your child to ever be teased for something that can possibly be fixed if you're able to correct it in time.

You Catch Your Child Squinting On A Regular Basis

If you notice that your little one does a lot of squinting or frowning when they are trying to read a book or watch television, this could also be a sign of eye trouble. The squint might indicate that your child is struggling to take in the image because it's coming through blurry or without definite lines. The best way to handle this is to set the pediatric eye doctor appointment as soon as you can.

Pediatric eye doctors work with children each day so they know how to put them at ease and uncover hidden problems that only the trained eye can catch. If these signs appear it's best to enlist the help of one of these professionals in a hurry.