• How to Whiten Your Teeth

    Yellow teeth are unattractive and can effect your overall mood or appearance. You smile less when you have yellow teeth and smiling has a direct impact on mood and general well being. A whiter smile will help improve self-esteem and increase your happiness. Here is a simple list of ways that you can whiten your teeth with simple products you can find at home or buy over-the-counter. Lemon Juice Combined with Baking Soda 
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  • 3 Common Invisalign Struggles And How To Fix Them

    It sounds like a dream come true: correcting your bite and straightening your teeth without that metal mouth look you get from braces. Invisalign promises you just that, doing the job of traditional braces but using clear appliances that are much more difficult to see at a casual glance. While Invisalign does offer a more aesthetic option, there are still battles wearers will combat as they correct their teeth. Read on for three common struggles and ways to overcome them.
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