Getting A Dental Veneer? Know How Your Oral Care Might Change Afterward

Posted on: 24 March 2015

Getting a porcelain veneer at a clinic like Springdale Family Dental can help reduce tooth pain, beautify your smile, and protect your mouth from cavities and infections. Though for the most part you can treat your veneer like any other tooth, having one placed may also result in some slight changes to your oral care, both in the dentist's office and outside of it. Maintenance Visits Are Key To Healthy, Pretty Veneers
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Oral-Enhancing Chocolate Dipping Sauce Recipe

Posted on: 6 March 2015

You can improve your oral health with something sweet and delicious; you just need to make your sweets with the right ingredients. The following is a simple recipe for a dental friendly spicy chocolate dip. Secrets Behind Your Spicy Chocolate Dip The first ingredient you should pay attention to is the chocolate. You will be using raw chocolate or dark chocolate in this recipe. You need to use this type of chocolate because it still contains contents from the bark of the cacao bean.
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Why You May Be Prone To More Dental Complications As You Age

Posted on: 20 February 2015

As you grow old, you tend to develop more oral/dental complications than you had while growing up. This is not only because of your body changes (including dental tissue changes), but also due to the habits and diseases that develop as you age. For example, you may develop age-related dental complications due to: Osteoporosis This is a medical condition in which your bones become brittle and weak. This happens because the new bone tissues are not created first enough to replace the aged and dead ones.
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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Dental Spacers

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Children start to lose their teeth at a rather young age. There are some children who become overly eager to lose their first tooth and will pull their tooth quite a few months or even years before it is ready to be pulled. When this happens, you need to take your child to see the dentist right away to ensure that a spacer can be put into place right away. Use the following guide to learn everything that you need to know about spacers.
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