Choices In Anesthesia When You Get Dental Implants

Posted on: 5 October 2015

Getting a dental implant would be a painful procedure since the dentist screws a titanium rod into your jawbone. You'll definitely need an anesthetic to help you endure it. However, just as with most other dental procedures, you'll have a choice in the type of anesthesia used. Here is a look at your options. Local Injection An anesthetic injection may be enough to control your pain, especially if you're getting a single implant in a gap with an already missing tooth.
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Medical Conditions Linked To Poor Dental Care

Posted on: 11 September 2015

Proper dental care is not just important for your teeth and gums. It could possibly help prevent the development of other medical conditions. Here are several conditions that have been linked to poor dental hygiene. Respiratory Diseases By failing to practice good oral hygiene, you could be increasing your risk of developing a respiratory disease, such as pneumonia. Researchers believe that bacteria from the mouth can affect lungs and lead to respiratory issues.
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Your Kid's Nighttime Dental Pain – Why Does It Happen?

Posted on: 20 August 2015

All day, your kids run around and fill their days with laughter and play. So, why is it that as soon as your head hits your pillow and you snuggle into your warm bed you begin to hear cries of pain coming from your kid's room? "Mommy, Mommy, my tooth is hurting!" Yup, it never fails. Why is it that those toothaches seem to get worse through the night? No Distractions
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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Your Chipped Tooth

Posted on: 3 August 2015

If you have somehow chipped a tooth, such as by biting into something hard or being involved in some sort of accident, then you might be putting off going to the dentist. However, you should never ignore a chipped tooth. These are some of the main reasons why. 1. Basic Things Can Be More Difficult If you have never dealt with a chipped tooth, you might not realize just how much it can affect your everyday life.
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